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Pro-Ag Beet Scalper
Pro-Ag Beet Scalper

Price: $720.00


This upgraded beet scalper singulates each beet for greater efficiency and less tare.

Conventional scalpers use a simple skid plate and glide over the top of each row of beets. This allows smaller beets and beets grown close together to avoid being scalped by the defoliator.

The Pro-Ag Beet Scalper allows the folliage to pass through the tines while creating downward tension to singulate each beet no matter how small or how close together. This increases the effeciency of your Amity Defoliator.

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This is Travis and Bryan Uggerud and we farm near Drayton ND. We ordered a new Amity Defoliatory for th e2013 crop season from Pro-Ag Equipment in Grafton. We put the new Pro-Ag scalper option on the back of it. We really liked the idea of a lightweight scalper that only had one linkage point, and very little maintenance.

When we were able to start using the scalpers we were really happy with the sensing part being very close to the knife to be able to read variable sized beets within a row accurately. Also the three tab sensing unit was nice because it allowed larger chunks of debris to flow through the scalper and not plug the knife. The lightweight unit was also nice because we had no knockout from the defoliator all year. This was a nice change from old heavy we remember from the past.

Other References:

Emanualson Farms, Drayton, ND | Office: 701-454-6122

Randy and Mike have two 12-Row 3700 Wic Defoliators equipped with Pro-Ag Scalpers. The had them installed for the 2013 Harvest Season.

Duane Neal, Murdock, ND | Office: 320-875-3428

Neal also had Pro-Ag Scalpers installed on his 12-Row Wic Defoliator for the 2013 Harvest Season.