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Pro-Ag Equipment carries a vast range of sugarbeet, bean, and potato equipment.

To the best of our ability, we provide our customers with the best customer service possible.

If you have questions regarding the capabilities, applications, general information, or condition of our used equipment, please stop in or give us a call.

Used Equipment

132' Eagle, Hyd. Pump
Cup knife, 5-6 rubber, 5-6 rubber, New Flails on 3rd drum, Hyd. Rear struts, Hyd. top door, 12.4 x 24 tires @ 44"
Cup Knife, 6 rod rubber, 6 rod rubber, Hyd. Rear struts, Rear steer, scalper row finder
L-knife, 6 pin rubber, 8 pin rubber, Hyd. rear struts, 12.4 x 24 tires
Poly/Poly-new spirals and bed chain, Rubber paddles, 50MM scrub & boom, Std rowfinder
poly/poly, rubber paddles, Automatic Depth Control, 50MM scrub & boom chain, #3 front grab kit standard row finder
poly/poly, plastic paddles, 50MM scrub 56MM boom, NO ADC, 10% off on parts
poly/poly, plastic paddles, ADC, 50mm scrub & boom, std. row finder
poly/poly, rubber paddles, ADC, 50MM scrub & boom chains, #3 front grab kit std. row finder
Cup knife, Studded, stwts, rear steer, Frame mount Row Finder, Amity Knife scalpers
Cup, Studded, STWTS Flails, Rear steer, Frame row finder, Hyd. rear struts, Top Doors, Hyd. Castering gauge wheels, Auto Height Control
Cup over row, L-knife between row, 10 pin rubber, 6 pin STWTS, rear steer, Frame mount row finder, ratchet front gauge wheels, Hyd. rear struts
cup over row, L-knife between row, 10 pin rubber, 6 pin STWTS, Hyd. Rear struts, Hyd. Top doors, side liner, Pro Ag Scalpers
12' 32" high box scraper
24-22 row, 1600 gal, knife, Ace
132' millenium stainless steel boom
14', 32" high Center Pivot
16" PTO water pump
poly sp., st. Smooth, Std. rowfinder, 20 acres on main gear box,  10% off on parts